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SW Girls Inter County Tournament 2017
Exeter Golf and Country Club

This morning the sun continued to shine for the girls with a gentle breeze.  Cornwall were all playing well through the 10th being up in 4 matches and A/S in 2.  First out, Danni, despite playing well, couldn't quite keep up with her opponent who played 1 under gross and lost 3&2.  Emily's putter was on fire and won 4&3.  Olivia was also playing well and, despite her opponent having a hole-in-one, she won 4&2.  After being 3 up after 10, Laura flagged and she lost 2&1 bringing the matches to 2 all.  Kira was on form once again and played some excellent golf winning 7&5 leaving the final result on Hannah's shoulders for the second day running.  Hannah was 3 up after 15 but Devon chipped in on the 16th bringing the match back to 2 up.  On the 17th Hannah was on the green for 3 but the Devon girl was in the bunker under the lip and ended up playing her 6th shot trying to get out so conceded the match 3&1.  Well done Cornwall for our first win 4:2.

TUESDAY 25th JULY 2017 - AM

    Cornwall Devon
Time Match Players Hcp Results Points Players Hcp Result Points
08.01 Danielle Price  Evie Stone  3&2 
08:08  Emily Wilson 4&3   1 Lexit Dart 
08:16 Olivia Trewhela   5 4&2 
Molly Pavey 
08:24 Laura Andrew  Charlotte Husband  2&1 
08:32  Kira Barnes 12  7&5  Josie Phillips   11  
08:40 Hannah Body  13  3&1  Ellie Tampkins  18 
Total Total


Cornwall v Wiltshire - pm

Cornwall's final match was against Wiltshire and with the threat of thunderstorms looming the girls wanted to get off to a good start and that they did.  By the 10th hole we were up in the first 5 matches.  Emily continued her great form from the morning by winning the first match 6&4 followed by an equally great win by Danielle of 6&5.  Following them was Olivia whose strength was not only too much for her opponent but also for her driver which she managed to snap on the 11th.  She continued on however and won with a great 5&4.  Cornwall were now 3 up and just needed a half to win.  Hannah's match was next to finish but unfortunately she lost 7&5 followed by a very tired Kira who fought hard but lost 3&2.  Everything now focused on Casey who was 1 down going up the 14th but, knowing the state of play, pulled it back to 1 up going down the 18th.  Devon's player found a bunker whilst Casey found the water on their way to the green.  Devon's putter however got the better of Casey's and she won the hole giving both teams a half.  Final result Cornwall 3 1/2 : Wiltshire 2 1/2.

TUESDAY 25th JULY 2017 - PM

    Cornwall Wiltshire
Time Match Players Hcp Results Points Players Hcp Result Points
13:50 Emily Wilson  6&4   1 Ashleigh Thorne   6
13:58 Danielle Price   6&5  1  Sedona Mauchline  
14:06 Olivia Trewhela   5&4  Katie Walls  9
14:14 Casey Olds  12   1/2 1/2  Olivia Bannon  12  1/2  1/2 
14:22 Kira Barnes  12     
 Sammy Walls 13  3&2 
14:30  Hannah Body 13       Rosie McGrane 18  7&5 
Total 3 1/2  Total 2 1/2 

Overall Cornwall came a very credible joint 2nd along with Dorset to winnersGloucestershire.  Congratulations to Captain, Victoria and her amazing team.  We are all very proud of how well you have all done.

Score Table

  Cornwall Devon Dorset Glos Somerset Wiltshire

Total Points

Cornwall  1  1/2  0  1/2  1  3  T2nd
Devon  0    0  1/2  1  1  2 1/2  4th
Dorset  1/2  1    0  1  1/2  3  T2nd
Glos  1  1/2  1    1  1 4.5  1st
Somerset  1/2  0  0  0    1 1 1/2  5th
Wiltshire  0  0  1/2  0  0    1/2  6th