Cornwall Ladies County Golf Association

Adding images

833345 xxs CopyThe simplest way to add images is to upload them from your computer using the Media Manager. First, of course, you have to download the image onto your computer and be able to find it. 

JCE editor > instruction

Storage structure

The site requires maintenance and this is helped by setting up a file storage systeem which allows us to identify the location of the pictures.

To this end the images directory has been subdivided by year: 2016, 2017 etc. Within each year the cateegories are reflected.



It is best to create images of the size you wish to display, but it is possible to adjust these as you insert them. This is usually mesured in pixels.

Maximum allowed file size of 1024 KB


Large photos can be placed on a line of its own and use the standard text placement to centralise

header pics70

 Images can be placed left or right of the text and should have padding to separate from text.

Always check the page after creating or editing. It will not look the same in the restricted editing page.


it is possible to create specilised pages which are all about photos.

This can be a random photo or a scolled list. Thes nee to be discussed

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