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Cornwall Ladies County Golf Association

Mini League

Inter-Club handicap match play competition in one Division
Full difference between the handicaps of the players to be given
A club that has entered a team in the League Shield competition may also enter a team in the Mini-League. However, the two teams must be defined and managed separately, and a player who competes in a League match cannot be selected for the Mini-League team in that season thereafter.

Conditions of Play
February 2018

  1. Handicap allowance up to 54
  2. Team to consist of 5 players
  3. Matches to be played home and away in each season
  4. Points awarded: 3 for away win: 2 for home win: 1½ for away draw: 1 for home draw
  5. All matches to be completed by 15th October. If a club finds on, or shortly before, the agreed date that they cannot field a full team, they must continue with a reduced team and concede the un-played matches. If fewer than three players are available, they may concede the entire match. In these circumstances every effort should be made to rearrange the fixture but if that proves impossible (for whatever reason) before 15th October, the concession stands and the points will be awarded accordingly..
  6. All matches to be played to a finish unless the overall result has already been decided and the Captains agree exceptionally (for example in poor light or adverse weather) that unfinished matches should be curtailed. The results of such unfinished matches to be based on the situation at the point where they were curtailed.
  7. If play is suspended for any reason other than a dangerous situation e.g. flooding, players may discontinue play immediately or continue play of the hole provided they do so without delay (Rules of Golf 6-8b). If play is suspended because of lightning or other dangerous situation, play must be discontinued immediately. If a player fails to do so, she is disqualified. Play must be resumed from where it was discontinued (Rule 6-8d).
  8. In the event that the Captains agree that play cannot be commenced on the day of the match or, if suspended, resumed or completed on that day, the match will be deemed to be abandoned. Every effort should be made to rearrange the match by the 15th October, and clubs should plan their match programme to allow some time for rearranged matches. If the Clubs are still unable to re-arrange the match then it will remain abandoned and no points will be awarded to either side.
  9. No more than two temporary greens
  10. Players shall walk at all times unless prior permission for use of a buggy has been sought from the Committee which will only be granted on presentation of a certificate (see Appendix) signed by the player’s Club Secretary and Lady Captain
  11. Competitors may not engage a professional or assistant professional as a caddie (Rules of Golf 33-1)
  12. Only Competition Handicaps will be acceptable.
  13. Distance Measuring Devices will be permitted