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Victor Debbie Sedgeman of West Cornwall

on the 17th hole against Jackie Smeeth of The Point

On a very windy day 11th September 2017, the two finalists battled in difficult conditions to become millennium winner of 2017.

The players , caddies, and a few enthusiastic supporters enjoyed a very welcome afternoon tea. Congratulations to both players for a very entertaining and exciting match



Cornwall Ladies Captains Society

Millenium Trophy 2017

Winner _Debbie Sedgeman of West Cornwall

15th May

1st Round
19th June

2nd Round
24th July

Semi final
21st August

11th September


Hacker Browning

 Debbie Sedgeman

 Debbie Sedgeman

Sue Wilkenson

Sandra Brown

 Debbie Sedgeman

Debbie Sedgeman

Indhu Kumar

Linda Mullins

Maxine Rich
Bev Sullivan

Jackie Mallet

Kathy Wells

 Anne Griffiths


 Jackie Smeeth

Margaret Bunton

Pat McMichael

 Vicki Stevenson

Sue Decker

 Charlayne Platt

Wendy Kingdon

 Jackie Smeeth

Janet Cox

Jackie Smeeth

 Jackie Smeeth

Anna Harry