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South West Inter County competition

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Travelling : Team

Nikki Hodge ( county captain ) Georgia Price, Sammie Giles, Emily Toy, Emily Wilson, Laura Andrew, Wendy Briggs, Jan Harrison, Victoria Pawley, Megan Giles, Jan Sargeant

megvic colours

The Mendip Golf Club - Somerset

4th July - 8th July 


Receiving County colours

Megan Giles
Victoria Pawley

with Nikki Hodge (CC) centre. 

A fun photo of the Cornish team in their yellow sunglasses!.


Back row : Wendy Briggs, Jan Sargeant, Megan Giles, Jan Harrison, Emily Wilson, Laura Andrew, And Victoria Pawley.
Front row : Emily Toy, Georgia Price, Nikki Hodge (cc), Cynthia Penhale (cp), Sue Roworth (cvc) and Sammie Giles.