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Minutes of the Delegates Meeting held at Merlin Golf Club
Wednesday 21st February2018 at 11.30am.



Officers: Helen Davey (President) Sue Roworth (County Captain) Margaret Swayne (Hon.Treasurer)Jenny Potter (Hon. Secretary) Jacquie Lang (Competition Secretary) Cath Andrew (U-18 Junior Organiser) Patricia Davies (Press Officer) Mary Robson (Handicap Advisor &Truro)

Delegates and Club Representatives: Ros Thomas, Sue Dicker (Cape Cornwall) Jill Jones (Carlyon Bay), Margaret Ware (China Fleet) Jean Pugh (Killiow) Rita Worswick (Lanhydrock) Bridget Christophers (Launceston), Jenny Dunbar (Looe), Liz Whittaker & Jill Ross (Mullion) Lorna Parfitt (Newquay) Mandy Wright ( Perranporth), Brenda Morton (Porthpean), Judy Harris (Praa Sands) Jean Anne Evers (St Austell),Caroline Hume-Kendall (St Enodoc) Angela Anderson (Tehidy), Anna Harris (The Point@ Polzeath, Liz Kennerley (Trevose),Edwina Thomas ( West Cornwall) Joyce Pinhey ( Whitsand Bay).

  1. Apologies for Absence:  Vicki Stevenson (County Vice-Captain), Pat Crowson (Killiow), Glennis Wooton (St Mellion), Diane Peat( Isles of Scilly), Jill Simmons (Mullion), Kay Dinsdale (Bude), Sally Ingle (Falmouth).
  2. Minutes of Delegates Meeting held on 18th October 2017- (already circulated) - to be confirmed as true record. The minutes were signed as a true and accurate record of meeting
  3. Matters Arising
    1. Fixtures for 2019.

      Jacquie Lang read out a list of proposed venues.

      24th/31st March or 7th April                               Mixed at Trevose
      11th-14th April                                                    CLCGA Championships at Perranporth
      9th May                                                              Spring Bronze at Mullion
      16th May                                                            Spring Silver at Falmouth
      13TH June                                                         Baron Rose Bowl at The Point@Polzeath
      20th June                                                           Inter Club Handicap Shield at St Austell
      5th August                                                          Flag Day at St Austell
      5th September                                                   Bronze Autumn at Tehidy
      12th September                                                 Silver Autumn at West Cornwall
      October                                                             Jubilee venue to be decided
      Delegates will be informed of final dates and venues of 2019 competitions at June meeting.

    2. Match Concessions
      (1) League

      Delegates had previously been asked to go back to their clubs and decide how to deal with concessions in both the league and the Gammon.
      A proposal was made at the October Delegates meeting. (See October Minutes (C.1) that if a match is conceded in the League, and it cannot be re-arranged before 30th September the team that had been available to play, be awarded 2 points for a home match or 3 points for an away match and also awarded a winning score of 4.5 games.( this is the average winning score in League games). No points or games will be awarded to the conceding team, and in addition they will be penalised three points for failure to play.

      A general discussion followed with views expressed both for and against. Some felt that it was disappointing to only get 4.5 points as you may have won more games. Sue pointed out this was the average league win. Smaller clubs can find it difficult to always get a team but have found that not all clubs are as accommodating at offering alternative dates.

      One club felt that the 3 point deduction was too harsh. Sue pointed out it should be seen as a deterrent and should focus the mind to try and make an alternative date available.

      Other clubs were in favour of the proposal.

      A vote was taken with 14 Clubs in favour 2 Clubs against and 2 Clubs abstained.

      (2) Gammon
      Again Delegates had been asked to consider what penalty a club would incur if they conceded a Gammon match. It was proposed at the October Delegates meeting. (See October minutes (C. 2) that a club be excluded from the Competition the following year if it fails to fulfil its fixture and conceded the match.

      Angela Anderson felt that this was the harsher of the two penalties. Jenny Potter pointed out that in her over 30 years of county involvement this had only occurred once (last year) and hopefully won’t happen again but having a penalty in place should make a Club think twice before giving a match.

      Sue pointed out that a team doesn’t have to be the lowest team in a club but the best available team. Conceding a match robs the opposing team players of the chance of matchplay experience.

      A vote was taken with 20 Clubs in favour, 1 Club against and 2 Clubs abstained.
  1. Officers Reports
    1. County Captain

      There have been 2 scheduled County practice sessions. Unfortunately the first one on the Holywell @St Enodoc was cancelled due to horrible weather.

      On Sunday 18th February 15 players were at the Point for a Pink Ball Challenge. The next meeting will be a Foursomes match v U-18 Boys @St Enodoc on Sunday 11th March. Sue is looking forward to a successful year with the Cornish Teams with the main focus being on Inter County Match week’ St Enodoc from 2nd-6th July.

      Sue is also looking forward to meeting many players from clubs around the County at scheduled events. With this in mind could Sue asked all Delegates to display  the fixture list and to encourage their clubs to print out some entry form for county events, with the aim of boosting the number of players entering.

    2. In the absence of the County Vice-Captain Vicki, Sue gave a brief report.

      Players had been invited to attend the first scheduled get together and the first second team match is against the Seniors on Sunday 22nd April.

      The first divisional match is against Somerset @Weston Super Mare on Sunday 27thMay.Both Sue and Vicki are looking forward to seeing a good field entered into the County Championships at Launceston Golf Club 12-15th April where they will be looking out for prospective County players.

    3. County Treasurer:
      Margaret stated that we currently have £27,000 in the  bank. Last year’s figure was £20,000. This is a healthy start to the year. 

      Expenditure this year has included £120 to the CGU as a contribution for the software for the collection of subscriptions.
      Income this year, we have received £540 income from the CGU for sales of County Cards in 2017. This was a drop of £360 from the previous year reflecting the signs of most clubs are offering cut price deals on green fees.

      £2,000 has been received from England Golf to assist with our organisation of the Inter County Match week at St Enodoc in July.
      £3,600 has already been received for the 2018 meetings and we are looking forward to a good year of golf.

    4. County Secretary:
      Jenny said that as it is a quiet time of the year she hoped to ease into the job. She has received most of the “Club information” sheets back from clubs and will be sending out new versions of these along with updated “Conditions of Play” and also a “Rules of the CLCGA”.
      To ensure all Clubs have an up to date copy to display in your locker rooms.

      Jenny informed the delegates that the entries for the England Golf Travelbag team event is now open on the England Golf website. Teams of Four, with the local venue of Saltford , Bristol.

    5. Competition Secretary:
      Jacquie started by introducing herself to the delegates. She read out the proposed venues for 2019 competitions (as listed above) but stressed that  these are all subject to course availability.

      Entries are coming in thick and fast for the Mixed at Trevose 25th March. 55 couples so far so there is a limited number of spaces available.

      Division 2 Spring to be held at Newquay 10th May has very few entries so far so asked Delegates to remind members to enter the County competitions. There is a slightly better entry for the Spring Silver meeting to be held at Perranporth 17th May but still plenty of spaces.

      Hopefully when the warmer weather arrives players will begin to plan their golfing days out. The Jubilee is proving very popular and nearly full despite not being till October 3rd.

      Jacquie is looking forward to putting faces to names of all the entrants to our County competitions which are an excellent day out.

    6. Junior Organiser:

      Junior U18 Girl’s.
      Cath said that as it was a quiet time of year so the report would be brief.

      The winter’s Development Coaching began in January with Katie Rule and Grant Slater coaching the under 36 handicap girls. These sessions will be split between Mullion and Carlyon Bay where we plan to make the most of the excellent practice facilities.

      Despite losing four of our Elite Squad, three of whom turned 18 last year, we have had 3 new girls join us, who all look very promising. In addition, both Hannah Body and Kira Barnes from West Cornwall have both been invited to train with the County Ladies 2nd Team squad.

      The Order of Merit which Cath set up last year will continue to be run alongside the Junior Opens again throughout 2018.

      Matches arranged so far are home and away friendlies against Devon Girls at Launceston in April and Tavistock in May and against the County Vets at Truro in September. There will also be Under 15 matches against County Boys and our annual Dallas Scramble at St Enodoc. The Inter- Counties Girls Tournament this year is being held at Brickhampton in Gloucestershire in August.

      As combining the Girls Championships with the Boys was successful last year, we will be doing this again in 2018 with the Under 15s and Futures at Truro in May and the Junior Championship at Perranporth in June.

      Cath finished by reminding everyone this was her and Sue Philips last year as Junior Organisers and asked if Delegates could ask in their clubs if there was anyone who might be interested in taking over the roles.

    7. Handicap Advisor:
      Mary Robson took the opportunity to briefly mention the new World Handicap System which is under construction, but will be based on an average system rather than the incremental system we use at present. All courses will need to be assessed for the slope system. There is a workshop for 2 representatives from each Club at St Mellion on the 9th May.

      Mary is going to hold a meeting for Handicap Secretaries to explain new appeals for handicapping and other changes that came into effect this year. Details to follow.  

  2.  A.O.B

    Jenny raised the need to change the Conditions of Play to accommodate
    the new Category 6 with up to 54 handicap. As a County we are keen
    to encourage as many players to play in competitions so we can’t
    exclude those in Cat 6. It may be we will need to have divisions in the
    Bronze competitions, but it is not anticipated that there will be enough
    players to warrant having a separate Copper Division.

    The Conditions of Play also need to be amended to take into account
    that Rule 6.4 A player may not engage a Professional as a caddy is
    no longer in force. As an Association we will continue to not allow
    Professional caddies so we will change the wording in to take out
    Rule 6-4 and leave Rule 33-1

    Also with the CDH now operational the need for Handicap certificates
    Is no longer needed so they will no longer be required to be produced.
    The wording will be changed to reflect this.

    A query was made about the Mini League as to if there were any other
    Clubs interested in playing in the Mini League as it only has 3 teams in.
    If any of the Clubs that previously showed an interest in entering a team
    especially if they had 2 courses would contact either Sue or Jenny ASAP.
    The format for the League Play Off was discussed and Delegates were
    asked for suggestions. Maybe held over 2 days, as a Stableford, 2 tee
    start. It was felt that it was a very long day this year but as it is a new
    competition it is suffering from teething problems. If Delegates can ask for
    suggestions at their clubs and bring them back to the June Meeting.

    Angela Anderson as the representative on the Cornwall Development
    Group showed the Delegates a leaflet she has had produced to
    encourage more Women and Girls into Golf. The aim is not necessarily
    to distribute the leaflets through Golf Clubs but Library’s, Schools etc.
    Delegates were encouraged to take some and can contact Angela for
    more if required.

There being no more AOB the meeting was closed at 12.33
The next meeting will be held at Merlin Golf Club on 6th June 2018 at 11.30