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Item 3(b) Appendix

Wednesday, 18th October 2017

The discussion of Item 3(b) focused on the proposal that players should be required to represent their ‘home’ club in county competitions raised some questions as to whether this would be more restrictive than the current requirement relating to players who are members of more than one club. After discussion it was concluded that the differences were not significant, and the proposal was approved to be presented at the AGM in December. While this is broadly accurate, it will require players and clubs to be aware of some procedures set out in the CONGU Handicap Manual, and it was agreed that these should be brought to their attention. The details are set out below:

  1. Current regulation according to the Association Rules, Item 10.

    1. Players who are members of more than one Club must nominate at the beginning of each England Golf County Year which club they will represent in all County competitions. They may only represent one Club in any one such year which runs from the 1st day of February to the 31st day of January.
  1. Proposed amendment

    Where a player is a member of more than one club, the club which holds and manages her handicap is her ‘home’ club. In the course of any year, players shall only represent their home club in any county competition. They may change their home club by moving their handicap in the course of any year (in accordance with CONGU rules) but, if they remain members of more than one club, can only represent one club in any single playing season. This applies both within and beyond the county boundaries.
  1. CONGU Manual 2016-18 p. 23


    8.1 Have one exact handicap only, which must be allotted and adjusted by her Home club and produce, if so required, a current, validated CONGU handicap certificate and/or valid CDH ID number…..

    8.2 If she is a member of more than one affiliated club, select one as her Home club for handicapping purposes and notify that club and the others of her choice, and supply each away club her Home club CDH ID number…..

    8.3 Not change her Home club except by giving advance notice of the change, which can take effect only at the end of a calendar year unless she has ceased to be a member of her Home club or both clubs agree to the change taking place at an earlier date.

The amendment does not, therefore, restrict players’ choices, although we may need to clarify the definition of a calendar year for golf purposes. Players will need, however, to be aware of the required procedures and give notice of their intentions to the clubs involved.

Angela Anderson 19/10/2017