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 Minutes of the Delegates Meeting held at Merlin Golf Club

Wednesday, 18th October 2017, at 11.30am

Before the commencement of the meeting Sue Roworth informed those present that Mr Barry Ofield, husband of our long-standing CLCGA member, Mrs Sue Ofield, passed away a short while ago, and expressed the sympathy of the meeting to Mrs Ofield at this sad time.


Officers: Cynthia Penhale (County President), Helen Davey (County Vice-President), Sue Roworth (County Captain) Angela Anderson (Hon.Secretary), Pearl Carne (Competition Secretary), Cath Andrew (U-18 Junior Organiser). Delegates/Club representatives: Chris Simmons (Bude and NC) Ruth Bowers (Cape Cornwall) Jill Jones (Carlyon Bay) Margaret Ware (China Fleet) Sally Ingle (Falmouth) Pat Crowson (Killiow) Bridget Christophers (Launceston) Jenny Dunbar (Looe) Jill Simmons (Mullion) Lorna Parfitt (Newquay) Jacquie Lang, Jenny Potter (Perranporth) Judy Harris (Praa Sands) Elaine Harper (St.Austell) Trudy Tremain, Tamsin Blake (St.Enodoc) Angela Anderson (Tehidy) Liz Kennerley (Trevose) Cath Andrew (Truro) Alison Gessey (West Cornwall) Joyce Pinhey (Whitsand Bay).

  1. Apologies for Absence: Vicki Stevenson (Vice-Captain) Margaret Swayne (Hon. Treasurer) Sue Phillips (U-14 Junior Organiser) Rita Worswick (Lanhydrock) Edwina Thomas (West Cornwall) Ros Thomas (Cape Cornwall) Di Peat (Isles of Scilly) Evelyn Postles (St.Mellion) Mary Turfitt (Merlin) Brenda Morton (Porthpean) Sheila Baker (St.Kew) Glenys Bateson (Budock Vean) Anna Harris (The Point at Polzeath).

  2. Minutes of the Delegates Meeting held on 7th June 2017 – (already circulated) - to be confirmed. The Minutes were signed as a true and accurate record.

  3. Matters Arising

    1. Cornwall Golf Development Committee
      At the request of the County Captain, the Hon. Secretary outlined the situation relating to Cornwall Golf development, which she had set out in greater detail in the report circulated with the Agenda prior to this meeting. The main focus at present is the proposal to establish a joint ‘hub’ committee, overseen by the CGU and CLCGA, to encourage and manage golf development in Cornwall for the next three years, with the aim of eventual merger and incorporation as Cornwall Golf. The Committee will consist of a representative from each of the CGU and CLCGA, with other members co-opted for their experience and expertise in the key areas that contribute to effective development. The proposal was considered by Delegates in June before being discussed with clubs and members and brought back to this meeting for approval. Angela emphasised the benefits that can be derived from joint organisation and experienced participants in the short term, and also the improved resources and legal protections that can be provided by merger and incorporation. In a brief discussion with delegates she gave assurances that both the Union and Association will be fully represented in the three-year development plan to be set up by the Committee, and that the current roles and activities of the CLCGA in managing golf in Cornwall will not be changed by the new arrangements. The three-year plan provides an opportunity to explore different options and test the effectiveness of co-operation in different areas, before devising a scheme for a more permanent merger that will be reviewed and assessed by clubs and members in Cornwall before any final decisions are made. On this basis the Delegates voted unanimously in favour of the proposal.
    2. League Team selection
      The County Captain introduced two proposals that had been discussed at the June Delegates’ meeting before being taken back to clubs for further discussion. 

      The first was the proposal put forward by the Competition Secretary that, in view of the growing range of dual memberships and special offers available to current golfers, it would be helpful to simplify the representation of clubs in county competitions and the management of handicaps, by stating that all those entering any county event or competition should represent their ‘home’ club, defined as the club that holds and manages their handicap. This involves an adjustment to the current Rules of the Association, and will need to be approved by delegates and then confirmed at the AGM. The proposal received general support from the delegates, but the County President raised an issue relating to CONGU handicap rules, which suggest that handicaps can only be transferred from one club to another at the beginning of the calendar year, and that the change might therefore be restrictive. A brief discussion indicated that there are ways in which clubs and members can organise such transfers, and on that basis the proposal was approved to go forward to the AGM. The Officers have since re-checked the regulations, which should not constitute a major obstacle but do need to be brought to the attention of clubs and members. The details are set out in an Appendix attached to these Minutes, for consideration before a final ruling is discussed at the AGM.

      The second proposal
       arose from a suggestion put forward in June by St.Enodoc G.C. that the current requirement for a league team to include two Bronze division players and four Silver division players in Div.1, three in Div.2 and two in each of Divs. 3 and 4 should be replaced to allow Lady Captains a free choice in team selection. A brief discussion produced little support for the suggestion, but did reveal a range of problems across different clubs and a need for some greater flexibility. In response to this the Hon. Secretary suggested a compromise, whereby all League teams would include 2 Bronze players and 2 Silver players, leaving a free choice of three more participants. This would create equality of status across all divisions, remove certain barriers to promotion, and, by offering some greater choice and flexibility in team selection, help to prevent some of the difficulties described in item (3c) below. This received general support, but delegates were asked to discuss the issue with their clubs and members before making a final decision, and the details were set out in the Secretary’s report sent out with the Agenda for this meeting.

      On the basis of the information provided there were a variety of responses. The suggestion of a free choice of players was not welcomed, having led to problems in the past. A small number of delegates argued that there was no reason for change, and indicated that the current rules are more suitable for their clubs. Others pointed out that the rules have to consider the needs of all clubs, and that while they understood the concerns expressed, they felt that priority should be given to the needs of clubs as a whole. This was supported by some of the Officers, who pointed out that the role of the CLCGA Committee (Officers and Delegates) is to establish an equitable system for all clubs and lady golfers across the county. The proposal was then put to the vote, and was passed by a margin of 12 votes to 5, a majority of seven. This issue being within the remit of the Delegates committee, an amendment can be made to the Conditions of Play for 2018.

    3. Match concessions
      The County Captain informed delegates that some concerns have been raised this season about a number of League matches that were conceded because a club was unable to raise a team. The concessions were valid and the points awarded to the club who were able to play, but concessions of this kind do create problems. The Conditions of Play clearly state that inability to raise a full team does not justify a concession, and by implication this means that concerns about the strength of the team available are also not sufficient reason. If a team cannot even compete – i.e. there are fewer than four players available – then a concession may be necessary, but every effort should be made by both clubs to re-arrange the fixture. The reasons for this are that conceded matches do have an effect on other teams. The current ruling is that a match is conceded at 7-0, but this may well affect League positions at the end of the season, when the number of games won may determine the relative positions of teams on equal points and determine which are promoted or relegated.

      One match was also conceded in the Gammon competition, where the number of teams entering dictates the shape of the draw. A number of clubs have expressed frustration regarding both competitions, which was echoed by the delegates. It was then suggested that the Committee should introduce sanctions to discourage concessions in all but the most extreme circumstances and that the club which conceded in the Gammon should be disqualified from entry next year. After some discussion regarding an appropriate response and the extent to which sanctions can be applied, the following proposals were put up for consideration.

      While the reasons for imposing sanctions are clear, there was also a concern to ensure that they are both necessary and appropriate before any action is taken. It should also be emphasised that this is an issue where individual players, as well as club committees, need to take responsibility when deciding to enter the competition and be ready to fulfil the commitment involved. It was therefore decided that Delegates should take the issue for discussion with clubs and among the wider membership before proposals are considered at the Delegates Meeting in February 2018.

      1.  That a match conceded in the League, if it cannot be rearranged before 30th September, should be awarded to the winning team with 2 points if they were at home, 3 if they were playing away, with a winning score of four and a half games (the average winning score in League matches). No points or games to be awarded to the conceding team, and in addition, they will be penalised three points for failure to play. This provides a double inducement to fulfil the fixture with a weakened team, because they will avoid the penalty and may well win some of the individual matches to help their final League position.2.  That a club which enters the Gammon competition and fails to fulfil its fixtures should be banned from entry in the following season. This cannot be done in time for 2018, with the draw due to take place at the AGM in early December, but could be put in place for 2019.

      While the reasons for imposing sanctions are clear, there was also a concern to ensure that they are both necessary and appropriate before any action is taken. It should also be emphasised that this is an issue where individual players, as well as club committees, need to take responsibility when deciding to enter the competition and be ready to fulfil the commitment involved. It was therefore decided that Delegates should take the issue for discussion with clubs and among the wider membership before proposals are considered at the Delegates Meeting in February 2018.

    4. League Play-offs: The County Captain presented a report on the League Play-off matches held at Merlin G.C. on Sunday 15th October 2017. The results were as follows: Semi Finals: China Fleet beat Cape Cornwall and Falmouth beat Newquay 4-3
      Final - Falmouth beat China Fleet 4.5/2.5

      This being the first competition of this kind, the arrangements had been put in place with the intention of reviewing them after the competition, and this has indeed proved necessary. Sue referred to a last-minute adjustment to the arrangements, in altering the requirement for players to have played at least two League matches to only one. This had been done because one of the clubs involved was struggling to raise a team but there was an impact on others, and she apologised for that. It was also clear from the comments of some participants that the day had been over-long, and both of these issues suggest that the chosen format was excessively demanding. However, a number of those who had participated also commented that they had enjoyed the day, that it was, as intended, a celebration of ladies golf in Cornwall, that it had brought together a number of clubs and players from across the county, and that they were delighted to have taken part. Some discussion followed about how to revise the arrangements for future years, including a suggestion from Killiow G.C. (who donated the trophy) that the format does not need to replicate League matches as closely as it did on this occasion and that an entirely different format could be used. This suggestion met with approval from the delegates and officers, and will now be considered before the 2018 event, which has been provisionally booked for Sunday 14th October. It is clear that there is significant enthusiasm for an event of this kind, and it was agreed that further discussions will take place at the Delegates Meeting in February.

  4. Officers Reports

    1. County Captain

      Sue explained that she had kept her report brief because she will present a much fuller version at the AGM within a few weeks. The key points were:

      Inter-county Matches
       In June ....9 of the squad of 11 played in a final get together before 

      Inter-county match week. The venue was Tehidy and the format was Texas Scramble with limited drives, played off scratch - the winning team had gross 59. The competition was held at Wrag Barn, Wiltshire and for the fourth year running we were runners up against Gloucestershire who went on to the National Finals and finished runners up to Yorkshire.

      On behalf of Vicki-I stood in as Captain for the 2nd Team Divisional Final which took place on Sunday 1st October at Tiverton. The2nd team beat Gloucestershire 6-3 and retained the 2nd team Divisional Shield.

      Jubilee Scramble, Sunday 8th October @ the Point. 111 players enjoyed the Scramble format with a twist. The winners were Sue Roworth (St Enodoc), Jo & Hannah Body (West Cornwall). A fantastic sum: £1035 was raised for my charity ‘the Mermaid Centre

      ’In addition to the above Sue has provided details of next year’s League Divisions for information purposes, which are set out at the conclusion of these Minutes

    2. Competition Secretary
      Her report having been circulated with the Agenda, Pearl briefly updated the delegates regarding the Jubilee Scramble and commented on how quickly the places had filled up. She recommended early entries for the 2018 competition, to be held at St. Enodoc. She also took the opportunity to thank the Lady President for attending and starting so many competitions across the year.

    3. Junior Organisers
      Cath commented on how difficult it is to condense a report that covers competitions and quickly read through the report that was circulated with the Agenda. She emphasised the achievements of the Junior Girls, both within and beyond the County boundaries, the impact of the new Order of Merit in raising levels of participation and thanked the Lady Vets for the enjoyable annual match that they play against the girls. She concluded by expressing her hopes that Katie Rule will be able to offer coaching sessions across the winter, as in 2016-17, which had proved enormously helpful. The delegates applauded the achievements of the juniors with considerable enthusiasm.

  5. Roles and Rotation of Officers
    The Hon. Secretary reminded delegates that three of the current officers will be completing their terms of office in December and stepping down at the AGM. She was able to announce that volunteers have come forward for the two secretarial roles, partly as a result of some adjustments in the responsibilities that they will undertake. Mrs Helen Davey is already in office as Vice-President, and as expected, will take over as President when Mrs Cynthia Penhale retires. Mrs Pearl Carne had already announced in June that Mrs Jacquie Lang (Perranporth G.C.) has volunteered for the role of Competition Secretary, but the role of Hon. Secretary has been more difficult to fill (as it was when the previous incumbent wished to retire). In order to ease any period of transition, Angela said that she had sought to review the role. The County Captain has already acted as SW Representative and EG Voting member this year, and it has proved beneficial for an officer closely involved with regional golf events and teams to take on both roles. In addition, she had suggested to the Competition Secretary that it would be logical for her successor to arrange the booking of venues as well as the events themselves, and both Pearl and Jacquie had agreed that this would be manageable.

    To help create a smooth handover, she has analysed the current cycle of venues for the County Championships and been able to bring it to the point where it can be reviewed, by booking the venues up to and including 2022 when the Championships are due to be held at Tehidy in the club’s centenary year. The AGM rota already provides clear arrangements for the same period. In addition, she analysed the distribution of other events since 1980, and has put forward suggestions for venues – the papers covering these arrangements were sent out with the Agenda for this meeting. These, however, are only suggestions, and the new Competition Secretary will review them before making any firm bookings. To help in this process, the officers asked delegates to discuss the possibilities with their clubs and members, and bring forward any offers and suggestions at the next meeting. The venues for 2018 being already in place, there is time for further discussion.

    In conclusion the Hon. Secretary was delighted to announce that Mrs Jenny Potter (Perranporth G.C.) has offered to take on the role of Hon. Secretary from 2018 and to propose the new officers as:

    Hon. Secretary – Mrs Jenny Potter, proposed by Angela Anderson and seconded by Sue Roworth;
    Competition Secretary – Mrs Jacquie Lang, proposed by Pearl Carne and seconded by Vicki Stevenson.
    The delegates voted unanimously in favour of both proposals.

  6. Any Other Business:

    1. Angela conveyed a request from the Hon. Treasurer that delegates should remind their clubs that it is customary for them to present a raffle prize when attending the AGM. Margaret mentioned in her report (circulated with the Agenda) that these raffles have proved a useful source of revenue for the Association, and she hopes that they will continue.
    2. Angela also referred to the Gammon entry forms that have been circulated with a deadline for entry by 6th While the Conditions of Play state that entry should be by 31st October, the problems outlined in item 3(c) and the request for clubs to consider carefully whether they are able to fulfil the responsibilities involved, may require a little more time for discussion, and she has therefore extended the deadline.
    3. The delegate for Killiow, Mrs Pat Crowson informed that meeting that the Cornwall Golf Development Group (which is being reorganised to work alongside the new CSO) has wound up its affairs and closed its financial accounts with a balance of a little over £1,100 left. This has been divided equally between the CGU and the CLCGA, and she has paid £550.31 into the CLCGA account.

    There being no other business, the meeting closed at 1.20 pm

  7. Date of Next Meeting: The next Delegates meeting will take place at Merlin G.C. on Wednesday 21st February 2018 at 11.30 am. The AGM is confirmed at Tehidy Park Golf Club on Monday 4th December at 11.30 am.

Angela Anderson


CLCGA League Divisions 2018  

Please note – teams are set out in alphabetical order

Division 1






St Enodoc

Division 2

China Fleet



St Mellion

Tehidy Park


Division 3

Cape Cornwall



The Point

West Cornwall

Division 4

Carlyon Bay


St Austell