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clcgalogoPrepared for Delegates Meeting

10th October the bank balance showed £23,384.76 in credit.

Raffles for the year £1,464, many thanks to everyone who bought raffle tickets. Every little helps!

I have issued 18 County Vouchers this year. With 32 clubs in the County please check that your club has applied for the voucher when you have run your competition.

I have issued £3,286 worth of vouchers this year, most of these are the prizes for the meetings held during the year. Please check if you have any vouchers left in your bags for redemption as a number of these vouchers have not yet been redeemed.

Subscriptions and Affiliation Fees, as you know these are now collected by CGU as together we have purchased a sophisticated piece of software. Five clubs have so far failed to pay their 2017 subs etc. Last year we collected subs from 2034 members. This year the number has greatly reduced.

I have calculated the numbers adding in the five clubs not yet paid in as the same number as last year. This year’s members I calculate to be 1762, a reduction of 272 members. This is a worrying sign for ladies golf.