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clcga thumbDevelopment and Merger

For some years the CLCGA and CGU have discussed the possible benefits of merging the two organisations into a single organisation as CORNWALL GOLF. While accepting that there would be considerable benefits in terms of efficiency, management of resources and legal protection, there were also reservations within both organisations. Broadly speaking, some in the CGU feared that resources would be more thinly spread, while some in the CLCGA feared a loss of independence. Recent developments, however, have done much to emphasise the benefits and reduce these concerns. A number of counties elsewhere have established successful mergers, and within Cornwall, joint activities in certain areas such as Junior Development have proven very beneficial. As a result the existing Cornwall Golf Development Group has held a series of meetings with the CGU, CLCGA, club representatives and EG development officers, to consider how best to strengthen and develop golf in Cornwall, and what part moves towards merger can play in the process.

The resulting proposal is set out in the attached diagram. It envisages the establishment of a ‘hub’ committee, with representatives from the CGU, CLCGA and Golf Clubs/centres, along with volunteer members co-opted for their relevant experience and expertise. The county development officer, now designated a Club Support Officer and funded by England Golf, would be invited to attend meetings in an advisory role. The committee’s task would be to establish and manage a three-year development plan to strengthen golf in Cornwall by encouraging participation and supporting clubs and centres in business planning, marketing and sponsorship. In relation to this, a number of points need to be emphasised:

  • The current role of the CGU and CLCGA in managing county golf – events and competitions, matches and teams, priorities and conditions of play – would be unchanged, as would their links to regional and national organisations. However, it is hoped that generating increased resources and better funding would enable them to call on greater administrative support as required.
  • A number of sub-committees would be established to continue existing arrangements for areas such as Juniors, Development projects and Club Support, with others added for areas such as business planning, publicity, marketing and sponsorship. Members of the Hub committee would participate in these on the basis of expertise, working alongside other volunteers and the CSO as appropriate.
  • This proposal does not constitute a merger of the CGU and CLCGA, but envisages close co-operation and experience of joint projects, which can lay the foundations of a successful merger at the end of the process.
  • Above all, the purpose of the plan is to strengthen the sport of golf and golf clubs across Cornwall.

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