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Monday, 6 December 2016
11.30 am Launceston Golf Club

The following papers are available

1. The Agenda
2. Minutes of the AGM held on 7 December 2015
3. Results for 2015
    County Competitions - Trophy holders 2016
    Gammon Trophy draw table
    Vice President's Cup
    League & Mini League
4. A proxy vote form
5. Entry form for Gammon Trophy 2016
6. Notification of deceased members

Info papers – as usual there will be boxes for you to display information about events and opens during the year at your club. In addition, I will bring a few spares of sheets and flyers that I have sent out, in case you missed any. These will include the 2016 Diary, 2015 Results sheets, Junior Contacts list, and the Club Information sheets used for you to update your club details. These have all been emailed since the last delegates meeting, but items do occasionally go astray or fail to download properly, so if you have missed anything you can collect a copy at the AGM.

Finally Refeshments, and from a different viewpoint, please remember that there will be refreshments available, and if you want to eat at the end of the meeting, it helps the staff at the host club if you can place your order when you arrive.

Angela Anderson
Hon Secretary,


I should be grateful if you could let me know as soon as possible the names of any of your lady members who have died this year so we may remember them at the AGM in December.