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clcgalogoMonday, 4th December 2017
Tehidy Park Golf Club

There was a very good attendance at the Meeting when out going County President Cynthia Penhale handed over to Helen Davey (Launceston) . County Captain Sue Roworth remains in office for another year with Vice-Captain Vicky Stevenson. Jenny Potter (Perranporth) takes on as County Secretary from retiring Angela Anderson. Pearl Carne hands over to Jacquie Lang (Perranporth) as Competition Secretary. The County Cups were presented with a lot of smiling faces as Cornwall had a good year. The Meeting was very well run by President Cynthia and suitable recognition and thanks were given to the retiring Officers

County Secretary’s Report

The year has seen a number of changes in the organisation of Ladies’ Golf in Cornwall. As a result of rising costs the Committee has agreed to increase Affiliation fees and Competition entry fees from 2018. The first will take place in two stages and be offset by the ending of payments to the LGU, while the second relates to the cost of meals provided as part of the entry. In addition, as a means of simplifying the regulation of handicaps, it was agreed that the club which holds and manages a player’s handicap should be designated as their Home club, the club that they represent in County competitions. This will be applied from the start of the season in 2018.

2017 has also seen changes in the organisation of the League Shield competition, with the introduction of four divisions. There have been no apparent problems arising from this, and the slight reduction in the number of matches required within each division may well have been beneficial, as some clubs seem to have experienced problems in raising a team on certain occasions. Some of this may reflect wider social changes, such as the increase in the number of lady golfers who have work and career commitments that make it difficult for them to be available midweek, but whatever the reason, there seems to have been an increase in the number of matches that had to be conceded for lack of players available. The problem with this is that a conceded match is deemed to be won at 7-0, and the number of individual matches won can have an effect on League positions at the end of the season, thereby influencing which clubs are promoted and/or relegated.

Concerns were raised and discussed at the June and October Delegates’ meetings, leading to proposed changes to the Conditions of Play. The first proposal, agreed by the Committee as a whole in October, is the amendment of the current requirement for a league team to consist of two Bronze division players, 2-4 Silver division players (varying across the four divisions) and therefore 1-3 players from either, according to choice. Instead, a team will require 2 Bronze players, 2 Silver players and three others with handicaps between scratch and 30. Not only will this allow greater flexibility in the selection of teams, but it will also provide consistency across all divisions and remove a possible barrier to promotion for smaller clubs. This amendment falls within the remit of the Committee and having been approved by a majority of 12-5, will be added to the Conditions of Play for the 2018 season.

The second proposal, put forward in October is that conceded matches will be scored at 4 and a half matches to none, reflecting the average achieved by winning teams. This is intended to reduce the impact of concessions on final League positions. At this point in the discussions delegates were told that one club had also conceded a match in the Gammon competition and it was suggested that such concessions should be discouraged by the imposition of sanctions. While it does not have a direct impact on other clubs, it does suggest that clubs need to think carefully about entry and their ability to meet their commitments. With the draw for the 2018 competition taking place at the AGM, it was felt that clubs would not have sufficient time for consideration and it was agreed that delegates should take the whole issue of concessions and appropriate sanctions back for further discussion, before making final decisions at the Delegates meeting in February. If the responses of clubs at that point reflect the feelings expressed in October, it is likely that the sanctions proposed then (recorded in the Minutes of that meeting) will be adopted for the League in 2018 and the Gammon in 2019.

2017 also saw the introduction of a new Trophy, donated by Killiow G.C., for an end-of-season play-off between the winners of the four divisions. After arrangements were discussed in February and confirmed in June, the event was held at Merlin G.C. on 15th October, providing an enjoyable day for all involved and a victory for Falmouth G.C., the winners of Division II. However, it also proved an overly long day, as reported to the Delegates on 18th October. The clubs involved agreed that the experience had been very worthwhile, but that adjustments to the format could make it even better. Discussions are ongoing and changes will be put in place for the 2018 event, scheduled for 14th October at Merlin.

The other main focus of the year has been golf development in Cornwall, an area where we have been working closely with the CGU. The current joint Golf Development group put forward a proposal to establish a new joint Committee, with a focus on helping to strengthen clubs and increase participation in golf by working in partnership. The new committee will have a dual focus on business support and recruitment / retention of members, and will put together a three-year development plan for this purpose. It will work with the new Club Support Officer, funded by England Golf, whose programme of activities is taking shape in consultation with clubs across Cornwall, so that support, advice and methods of recruitment can be tailored to their different situations and requirements.

The Committee, however, will be overseen and monitored by the CLCGA and CGU, and the Development Plan is also intended to prepare the way for a merger of the two and incorporation into Cornwall Golf. There are considerable legal and financial advantages in a merger of this kind, and both the CLCGA and CGU have approved the proposed Plan, but final decisions will not be made until its impact has been assessed in the light of experience, and a consultation with clubs has been conducted at the end of the three-year process. It should also be stressed that the current role of both organisations in the management of golf events, competitions and teams, as well as coaching and development, will remain unchanged both before and after any decision to merge. More information will be available as the plan takes shape.

Finally, having stated at the beginning of the year that I intended to stand down on completion of my three-year term, I am delighted to introduce an excellent replacement, in the shape of Mrs Jenny Potter of Perranporth G.C. She was proposed, seconded, and welcomed by the Delegates in October, and I look forward to formally passing the baton (actually a badge!) at the AGM. Meanwhile, I would like to express my thanks to all those ladies who have made the last three years an interesting and enjoyable experience, and acknowledge the advice and support that I have received from many of the Officers and Delegates. I have no doubt that the same will be extended to Jenny, and I wish her every success. Angela Anderson, Hon.Secretary, CLCGA

Treasurers Report

At the end of the year we have a surplus of £3,629, compared to last year’s deficit of £1,980 this is a good result. The main reason for this is that we increased your subs by £1 this year.

The competition account shows a deficit of £1,238, last year there was a deficit of £223. The reason for this is that the Officers accommodation for the Championships is added to the Championship account. Accommodation always increases expenses and considerable time and effort is put into finding reasonably priced accommodation both for the Championships and the Match Weeks.

You will see that competition entries this year were down by £1,000. Competitions, particularly, at the end of the year suffered through lack of support.

I would like to point out that the Jubilee competition is always one year out. Our accounts end on 30th September and the Jubilee is held in October so reporting the Jubilee in these accounts is for 2016.

There was an increase is County Card sales this year by nearly £200. Raffle remained the same. Raffles are an important part of our income and thanks to all for their support.

Junior and 1st and 2nd team expenses are down this year, as was Match Week. Next year Cornwall are hosting Match Week at St Enodoc and we are expecting a substantial increase in our costs.

Finally I would like to thank Chris Raven for once again checking and compiling our accounts and I would also like to thank the Officers for their support during the year.
MMS 3.12.17

Vice Captains Report

My main responsibility during the year has been managing the second team.

The second team has played 4 matches during the course of the year.

Our first match was against the Senior County Ladies, a team of former county players, played at Truro in May. Everyone enjoys this fixture which is a great way to start the season off. The Match resulted in a win for the second team, reversing the score of the previous year!

Our first inter-county Match was against Devon at Yelverton GC in June. Despite the practice round being an almost total washout, the team put on a fantastic performance the next day and won the match 7 - 2. We then faced Dorset at Truro GC in July. This time the weather gods were against Dorset and they had terrible weather for their practice round! The Cornwall team were fantastic once again and won the match 9 - 0. This meant the team qualified for the SW counties second team final.

At the other end of the SW region Somerset, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire had all played each other, with Gloucestershire coming out the winner. Therefore Cornwall and Gloucestershire played each other in October at Tiverton GC to decide the SW region 2nd Team Champions. Unfortunately I was away for the final, so Sue and Cath Andrew very kindly accompanied the team, along with a number of caddies which was much appreciated, and once again they came up with the goods, winning the match 6 - 3. The team are therefore SW Second Team Champions for the second year running.

The Team this year has been Laura Andrew, Olivia Trewhela and Emily Wilson from Truro, Danielle Price from Perranporth, Cath Hopkins from Launceston, Gemma Marsland and Annie Lobb from Newquay and Penny Cartwright from St. Enodoc. You may well notice several familiar names from the County First Team. This is because players can continue to represent the Second Team until they get their First Team colours after 12 First Team appearances. Playing for the Second Team is good match practice for players who may be establishing themselves in the First Team, as well as making for a strong Second Team!

The team have been great to work with this year and I look forward to another successful year next year.

I have also supported Sue and the County Team, including a very enjoyable and exciting match week at Wrag Barn, and look forward to match week at St. Enodoc in 2018.

I am very pleased to announce who my Vice Captain will be. She doesn’t take over until the AGM next year, but I’m sure you will be pleased to hear that Wendy Briggs from Launceston has agreed to take on the role. Wendy has been a member of the first team for a number of years now and I’m sure she will be a superb Vice Captain and then Captain.

Competitions Secretary Report

Madam President, Ladies
Apologies this report will not be quite as brief as last year!

A summary of all the competition results has been circulated with the AGM papers therefore I will not read them out. The number of entries for competitions have been quite good again this year apart from the Silver and Bronze Autumn meetings where the numbers were down.

The posters and entry forms for 2018 have already been sent to all clubs. They are also on the county website, thanks must go to Mary for this.

My thanks go to all clubs who have given courtesy of their course for our competitions and congratulations to everyone who has won a trophy or a prize. Please continue to support our county events which give you a chance to play a different course with a meal at a very reasonable cost.

You will all know I am stepping down after four years as competition secretary. I will certainly miss the company of the committee who have helped me at each competition including Patricia who is always there with her camera and ready to buy the liquid refreshment while waiting for the players to return their cards.
A special thanks must go to our President Cynthia who has stood in all weathers starting you on your round of golf for all the competitions this year
Finally, I would like to thank all of you for your support and friendliness, and to wish Jaquie all the best as she takes on this role.