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Job Description For Hon County Secretary

Volunteer Needed

The current county Secretary will complete her term of office at the end of 2017, and does not wish to extend her time in the role, believing that it is better to encourage a wider range of individuals with different views to engage with golf across the county. We are therefore seeking a volunteer to take on the role from 2018, and asking all delegates to make their members aware of the opportunity to become involved. If you, or anyone you know, are interested in participating in the management of Ladies Golf in Cornwall, please contact Angela Anderson for further information on 01209 213846 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


  1. Prepare agendas for, attend and minute three Delegates Committee meetings each year and carry out any action arising
  2. Prepare agendas for, attend and minute the Annual General Meeting each year and carry out any action arising
  3. Prepare agendas for, attend and minute the annual Championship Committee (Feb/March each year) and any Junior Committee meetings required during the year (usually following the Delegates meetings at Merlin)
  4. Update annually the list of Club and Team Information
  5. Maintain a register of Use of Buggy certificates
  6. Amend the Rules of the Association and Conditions of Play in accordance with the decisions of Delegates or the AGM and maintain the log of those changes

Optional Extras: currently managed by the Secretary, but capable of being covered by other officers or volunteers.

  1. Membership of the Cornwall Golf Partnership
  2. Arrangement of venues for County events (eg. Spring and Autumn meetings, Baron Rose Bowl etc. but not inter-county matches for the first and second teams, which the Captain and Vice-Captain deal with).
  3. Arranging venues for the Gammon competition.